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MeduSoil Secures 5.2 Million CHF in Total Financing to Propel International Expansion

Updated: Feb 9

From left to right, Roberto Perez (Production Specialist), Isabelle Cohen Solal (Chief Sustainability and Finance officer), Dr. Dimitrios Terzis (CEO/co-founder), Prof. Lyesse Laloui (co-founder), Laure Camera (Financial and General Admin specialist). The company plans to grow to 10 FTEs in 2024.

[Lausanne, Switzerland, 07/02/2024] – MeduSoil SA, a pioneer in sustainable materials, proudly announces the completion of a funding round, securing a substantial 5.2 million CHF in total financing. This significant achievement propels MeduSoil into a new phase of growth, allowing the company to upscale production and sales operations with a focus on expanding its presence in Switzerland and across Europe.


MeduSoil specializes in the development of biomineral-based binder products in the construction materials sector, challenging the conventional reliance on chemical synthesis or mined raw materials for binders. Through innovative biosynthesis, MeduSoil Ltd positions itself as the industry leader in advancing the construction sector's transition towards delivering robust building applications. Already catering to international markets, MeduSoil aids its customers in achieving closer proximity to net-zero carbon emissions while ensuring uncompromised structural performance. The company excels in areas such as earthworks, special foundations, and providing protective measures to enhance the resilience of the built environment against natural hazards.


This post-seed round, supported by existing investors, marks a significant milestone as MeduSoil joins the prestigious portfolio of the Technology Fund 🚀. The successful financing round comes on the heels of MeduSoil receiving an Innosuisse SIP, further bolstering the development of the company’s portfolio of smart binder products.


Dr. Dimitrios Terzis, CEO, and co-founder at MeduSoil Ltd expresses, "The Technology Fund's instrumental support in this funding round signifies a strong endorsement of our vision and the innovative strides we are making in sustainable construction."


For those keen on learning more about how the Technology Fund aligns with sustainable projects or exploring MeduSoil's initiatives, visit our webpage and social media for additional information.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Yannick Barras

Marketing Coordinator

+79 174 1247

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Technology Fund

About MeduSoil SA:

MeduSoil SA is a leading innovator in sustainable construction solutions, specializing in biomineral-based binder products. Committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable development, MeduSoil is at the forefront of transforming the construction materials sector.

About the Swiss Technology Fund

The Technology Fund is a political instrument of the Swiss government’s climate strategy. The Climate Division of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN is responsible for its strategic 



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