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Medusoil awarded a collaborative project to advance demolition and excavation waste valorization in Switzerland

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Figure 1 From demolition and excavation directly to valorization

Lausanne, 04/04/2024 - Medusoil SA, a pioneer in the development of organic binder products, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a collaborative project by the Service of Innovation and Economic Promotion (SPEI) of the canton of Vaud. This collaboration involves, among others, partners such as Texum SA, a leader in road stabilization and fiber-reinforced concrete, and Agramat SA, a prominent real estate developer with expertise in materials. This dynamic consortium aims to address one of Switzerland's most pressing environmental challenges - the valorization of construction waste through the full-scale deployment of a recycling and bio-mineralization plant.

The collaborative project will center around a construction site located next to a landfill pit, where Medusoil, Texum, and Agramat will unite their expertise for the treatment of demolition and excavation waste. Leveraging Texum's leadership in fiber reinforcement, the project will enable the extension of Medusoil's patented binder products and applications towards the production of building elements.

Figure 2 With 80% granular aggregates coming from demolition or excavation and 20% of fines, Medusoil produces building elements without the use of chemical binders or mined aggregates.

Switzerland currently exports nearly 800.000 tons of waste annually to neighboring countries (source 24heures) and this consortium is committed to transforming this paradigm. The initiative aligns with Medusoil's recent involvement in road stabilization and erosion protection projects in Switzerland and France, while also extending its reach into Earth waste valorization.

Figure 3 Switzerland currently exports nearly 800.000 tons of waste annually to neighboring countries © 24heures

The collaborative effort will upscale the design and development of landscaping elements and hybrid structural blocks, accelerating their market adoption. In a market dominated by landfilling of waste or their limited valorization through chemically synthesized binders, this project will bring sustainable solutions to the forefront. The goal is not only to innovate but also to contribute significantly to the evolution of the canton’s and Switzerland's construction industry.

According to Dr. Dimitrios Terzis, CEO at Medusoil, "Projects like these, collaborative and impactful in sustainable construction, accelerate the transformation towards a sustainable economy and make a strong contribution to the evolution of the construction world. Our consortium's focus on waste valorization aligns perfectly with the growing need to address environmental concerns in Switzerland and abroad."

The project falls within the framework of collaborative initiatives undertaken by SPEI in sustainable construction, emphasizing replication and significant deployment. Key aspects include:

- Establishing a production line for new construction materials or the valorization of construction waste.

- Developing practices related to reusing, deconstructing, refurbishing, and replacing construction elements and materials.

- Innovating new construction techniques for enhanced sustainability.

For further information, please contact:

Yannick Barras 

Marketing coordinator



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