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Medusoil's 2023 Wrapped 🗓🙌🥂

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Greetings from MeduSoil SA! As we eagerly bid farewell to the passing year, we are delighted to be on this journey with you and embark on a contemplative review of our accomplishments in 2023.

In the unfolding month of December, we find ourselves in the perfect moment for introspection. This year has been a pivotal chapter for MeduSoil SA, demanding us to showcase our capabilities and foster trust as we transition into the next leg of our expedition.

Here, we present to you the standout moments that have sculpted this exceptional year. Our journey has been marked by expansive strides in the market, innovative product development, team augmentation, and the successful completion of a CHF 5.2 million financing round, paving the way for our expansion in 2024-2025.


Major international Project and collaborative solutions

If we were to spotlight one project, it would undoubtedly be the completion of a significant endeavor in the Loiret region of France. In collaboration with the Department and CEREMA (Centre for studies and expertise on risks, the environment, mobility, and development), our solution has been used to combat the escalating issue of desiccation in a regional road spanning over 500 meters. This noteworthy project was presented in over 10 media outlets and in a dedicated Technical Session in Paris to over 200 attendees, underscoring our commitment to addressing environmental challenges through collaborative efforts and raising awareness around the effects of extreme weather on public infrastructure and private buildings.


We're proud to share that MeduSoil SA secured CHF 5.2 million in total financing. As we type these words, the signature ink is still wet, so stay tuned for more during a press release in January 2024.


Isabelle Cohen Solal joined our team this year as our new Chief Sustainability and Financial Officer (CSFO), bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for sustainability. With Isabelle on board, we're taking our commitment to sustainability to the next level. Since September, she plays a crucial role in developing financial strategies and ensuring our practices align with our values.


Earlier this year, we've also been honored with the prestigious PERL (Prix Entreprendre Région Lausanne) 2023 Innovation Award. We've been grateful to share this moment of recognition with other brilliant start-ups from the region, such as Readily3D, Bearmind, Wepot and Solaxer.


MeduSoil SA has orchestrated impactful events, including the SOLSCOPE salon in June and a dedicated Technical Session in Paris in November, drawing over 200 attendees. Stay tuned for upcoming events in 2024.

The medusoil team wishes you a wonderful festive season! May the new year bring you and your loved ones prosperity, friendship, happiness, and good health.

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