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Medusoil Biominerals™️ secures CHF 1.2 million to revolutionize biocementation production

Lausanne, Switzerland – Medusoil Biominerals, a leading innovator in sustainable construction materials, is thrilled to announce the successful funding of CHF 1.2 million by the Swiss Federal Agency for Innovation (Innosuisse) for its startup innovation project entitled “Biopetrification”. This project and the non-dilutive funding is a resounding vote of confidence in the company's pioneering efforts to transform the construction industry and bring it a step closer to net-zero.

The company’s cutting-edge technology of biocementation aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of construction by harnessing the power of natural mineralization processes through its patented, microbial strains. The end results of Medusoil’s applications are mineral links, commonly referred to as binder products, which are free of cement.

With this funding Medusoil will embark on a transformative journey that focuses on achieving the following key outcomes:

Establishing Industrial Scale Production:

The funding will enable Medusoil to scale up its biocementation production to industrial levels. Currently, the technology has shown immense promise in the company’s pilot bioreactors with a monthly capacity to produce 5000L. The contribution of Innosuisse will allow to streamline and optimize the production process, thereby facilitating large-scale implementation in various construction projects to ultimately multiply by a factor of ten the monthly output and meet the volumes which are necessary for typical construction projects. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as the epicenter of research, development, and mass production of our groundbreaking biocementation technology. The plant will not only be a milestone for Medusoil, but also for the entire construction industry, marking a paradigm shift towards eco-friendly building practices.

Accelerating Market Establishment:

With the backing of Innosuisse, Medusoil will accelerate efforts to establish a strong foothold in the market. Our team will actively collaborate with industry partners, government agencies, and construction companies to promote awareness and adoption of biocementation technology. By offering a sustainable alternative to conventional cement, we aim to reshape construction practices and contribute significantly to global efforts in reducing CO2 and NOX emissions linked tomineral sourcing and binder production.

Launching New Products:

The funding will empower Medusoil to expand its product portfolio and diversify offerings in the construction sector. Our team of experts is already working on two new biocementing agents, including enhanced CO2 mineralization and greening urban spaces. With the support of the Swiss Federal Agency for Innovation, these new products will reach the market faster, further solidifying our position as leaders in sustainable construction solutions.

About Medusoil

Medusoil BiomineralsTM is a forward-thinking company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the construction sector. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, we aim to revolutionize the way buildings and infrastructure are developed, reducing their impact on the planet. Our biocementation technologies represent a groundbreaking leap forward in eco-friendly construction practices, contributing to alternative sourcing of mineral binders a more sustainable construction practice.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Medusoil SA




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