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Nous relevons les défis de l'application de liants et de stabilisation des sols dans diverses conditions, en fournissant constamment des solutions innovantes et respectueuses de l'environnement. Nous avons appliqué avec succès les biominéraux Medusoil à un large éventail de conditions géologiques, allant des sables limoneux aux mélanges sable-gravier.

Mitigating desiccation

The pressing issue of road cracking escalates during extreme heatwaves, primarily as a result of soil desiccation. In Loiret, France, we have been selected as a partner, showcasing our expertise, capabilities, and dedication to delivering sustainable and inventive solutions.


The project involves the deployment of hundreds of injection points spanning a long road stretch for the introduction of bio-cement. This collaboration enables us to leverage our strengths and collaborate closely with public authorities, national agencies, and private partners.


Erosion protection

We applied our flagship bio-mineralization product on a slope adjacent to a Swiss Railways station platform in the canton of Fribourg.


The goal was to naturally increase the calcification content through a combination of minimally invasive injections and spray techniques to mitigate ongoing slope erosion.

Reinforcement of sandstone cliffs

Bio-cementation of an area of weathered sandstone cliff that was prone to erosion and losing its natural cementation. To reconstruct the lost natural cementation, biominerals were used and the process was monitored by non-destructive seismic, electrical and GPR methods.

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