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MeduSoil Secures CHF 2 Million In Seed Funding

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

After navigating MeduSoil to an industry-ready company with CHF 1 Million in non-dilutive funding, successful technology transfer and product development, the team around co-founders Dimitrios Terzis and Lyesse Laloui secures a seed investment: A Swiss family Holding, represented by Schwartzkopff Partners AG, Realstone Holding AG and Veloxis AG participated in a CHF 2 Million seed round to fund the company’s growth plans.

MeduSoil’s team (from left to right): Dr. Dimitrios Terzis (co-founder), Maren Katterbach (CTO) and Dr. Lyesse Laloui (co-founder)

Founded in 2018, the Vaud-based deep-tech spin-off of EPFL has developed a novel, containerized technology to enable bio-cementation applications in construction and geo-environmental works. This system safeguards built assets against natural hazards and enables sustainable land development on solid foundations by reducing CO2 emissions in, otherwise, energy-intensive construction works. The startup is ready to ramp up production and grow its operations within an attractive niche market where incumbent solutions based on cement and petroleum derivatives fail to be successful.

We have crystallized years of research on environmentally-friendly carbonate mineralization into a complete, efficient and ready-to-deploy system which disrupts an industry that hasn’t been disrupted in decades. Our focus is now put on accelerating our growth in an orderly way by securing market expansion and multiplying customer success stories. And our customers are well aware of the pains currently faced when it comes to the ground and its suitability to support assets on solid foundations in the long run” says Dimitrios Terzis, co-founder of MeduSoil. “We have received a lot of interest from investors throughout the past 12 months and are extremely pleased to put together such a strong consortium of institutional investors, industry experts and stakeholders who are now joining us to support our vision of implementing sustainable and efficient solutions to safely integrate structures and land development projects into the natural environment ”, he continues.

The field of ground stabilization is key for any contractor or developer that intends to implement infrastructure projects since such works secure structural stability. It is not just about foundations, it’s about how human operations and structures impact the surrounding environment or get impacted by it. And this includes soils, groundwater and the interaction of structures with natural phenomena of intensifying force due to the climate crisis. With traditional approaches, industrial cement or petroleum derivatives would be pumped into the ground. Now this changes with our technology, which combines a series of cost, time and environmental benefits.” comments Lyesse Laloui, co-founder.

Wolfgang Schwartzkopff, from Schwartzkopff Partners, who joins the board of directors, adds: “We have been following MeduSoil for the past months and have been impressed both by the management team, the way they handle challenges and the fast technology transfer achieved. Their work presents an industry-ready solution which solves a real headache in one of the most global and growing markets. We are looking forward to supporting the team in becoming a strong player with market outreach in Europe and elsewhere.

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