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MeduSoil receives a Swiss Innovation Agency project for boosting its portfolio of bio-minerals

The teams of MeduSoil, SUPSI and Tibio in MeduSoil’s production plant. From left to right: Benoit Pinot, Dr. Dimitrios Terzis, Camilla Perego, Coraline Imsand, Dr. Wolfgang Schwartzkopff, Roberto Perez, Sten Rettby, Dr. Pamela Principi, Dr. Roger König , Dr. Davide Staedler, Dr. Fiorella Lucarini, Elisa Pianta, Laure Camera and Prof. Lyesse Laloui

Months after the successful delivery of the first batches of its flagship, biocementation product, BS1© in the market of bio-binders for infrastructure development and maintenance, the team of the EPFL ENAC spin-off receives a Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse) project worth of 700’000 CHF. For this project MeduSoil partners with SUPSI’s (TI, CH) department of environmental biotechnologies to deliver on the development of a booster version of its patented BS1© and the direct use of CO2 into the production of bio-binders©.

Last year saw MeduSoil growing its team with five new members and establishing a 300m3 production plant in Morges, Switzerland, to standardize the production of its BS1© grout into 1000-liter batches through zero-waste industrial manufacturing. This year, the first batches reached clients in three different countries and even remote critical infrastructure, located above 2000m, in the Swiss Alps.

We cannot just feel complacent for what we have achieved so far. We strive for continuous innovation towards developing a portfolio of the next-generation smart materials, in the form of bio-binder products, destined to infrastructure development and maintenance. Valorizing CO2 and construction waste have always been among our top priorities and that’s what this project is about. That’s the vision that binds our team together” explains Dr. Dimitrios Terzis, co-founder and head of the implementation team behind the new Innosuisse project. He adds that “we now open a new and exciting window towards more collaborations to establish viable processes and products out of research ideas, while we keep growing our business-as-usual. We are grateful that Innosuisse supports this endeavour”.

SUPSI, represented by Dr. Pamela Principi as principal researcher, will bring into the project years of laboratory expertise in the key fields of environmental biotechnologies and waste-water management.

Recent applications of BS1© to produce bio-cement in various building environments.

TIBIO Sagl has been a long-term industry partner and supplier of MeduSoil and continues to explore with the startup effective pathways towards upscaled and applied biotechnologies. We wish the whole team lots of success for the months ahead. Stay tuned for more to come as we unleash the potential that lies in developing building materials inspired from living systems!

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