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Introducing Medusoil’s organic mortar®

Using aggregates with a particle size range of 0-1 mm coming from demolition and excavation waste poses significant challenges. These fine particles, akin to very fine sand or silt, can detrimentally impact the quality and performance of recycled building materials. In recycled concrete production, their presence often escalates water demand, resulting in a sticky mix that hampers workability and compromises concrete durability by increasing shrinkage and cracking.

To address these issues and enhance the sustainability of construction materials, we are proud to unveil our latest breakthrough: Medusoil’s organic mortar ®. Leveraging our bio-based binder products and traditional mortar preparation tools, these solutions are tailored for plastering and shotcrete applications, revolutionizing how fine aggregates are utilized in recycled construction materials.

Key Features of the Organic Mortar for wall plastering:

  • 🪨 Maximum grain size < 1 mm

  • 💧 15-30% Reduced Water Consumption: Achieves optimal workability with minimal environmental impact.

  • 📏 Density: 1.35-1.5 kg/l which makes it a lightweight solution.

  • 💪 Compressive Strength: >1.4 N/mm² (EN12504-2).

  • 🧱 Layer Thickness: 5-15 mm for plastering; suitable for higher thickness in shotcrete applications.

  • 🔗 Excellent Bond Strength: Ensures long-lasting durability and stability.

  • 🌱 0% Cement

  • ✅ Minimizes Shrinkage Cracking: Enhances structural integrity and lifespan.

  • 🔄 Convenient Handling, Mixing, and Application: Simplifies on-site construction processes.

This innovative composition which meets industry standards opens vast opportunities for sustainable plastering materials, delivering robust and high-quality results for interior applications.

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Who is who:

MeduSoil Ltd stands at the forefront of innovation in sustainable construction materials, particularly through its pioneering work in organic synthesis of mineral and polymeric binders. By leveraging breakthrough and patented technologies, MeduSoil has successfully integrated organic binding agents into its products, marking a significant departure from traditional synthetic chemistry or mined binding agents. This shift not only enhances the environmental footprint of construction projects but also supports the industry's transition towards net-zero goals. MeduSoil's organic binding agents not only improve material properties and mitigate risks like settlements, erosion, or liquefaction but also offer substantial cost savings, reducing machinery and labor expenses by 20 to 30 percent. These advancements underscore MeduSoil's commitment to driving sustainable development through the development of innovative mineral additives for the construction sector.



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