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Explaining the "Bio" in Biocementation through our new product milestone

Updated: Jun 20

You have probably heard that the world cannot exist without the following four materials: steel, concrete, plastic, and ammonia (source: TIME Magazine). While steel, concrete, and plastic are widely used in construction, the potential of ammonia is widely overlooked outside of the food and agriculture industry. In our groundbreaking approach to developing organic synthesis of binder products for building applications, ammonia plays a pivotal role. It nurtures naturally occurring microorganisms that facilitate biological processes to precipitate minerals, which we harness as binders for cementation. These organic binders represent the cornerstones of our product portfolio.


New production plant launch:

Medusoil is excited to unveil a significant milestone with the launch and operation of our upscaled biocementation production plant. This innovative step brings our total annual production output from 35.000 liters in 2023 to 200.000 liters in 2024. It operates on a fully circular, zero-waste production model, establishing new benchmarks in speed, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. The plant is part of our new factory expected to be completed in July.


Celebrating this milestone:

The new plant has been used to produce a prototype of a pre-fabricated, 1.5-meter retaining wall as part of a newly awarded project on demolition waste valorization, featuring the following achievements: :


⚙️ Streamlined Production: Biocementation in prefabricated moulds or encased columns can occur in parallel with ammonia valorization in less than 9 hours.

🌱Circular Sustainability: The plant implements a zero-waste model, recycling nitrogen for agricultural use after biocementation.

💧 Water Efficiency: Water consumption effectively reduces to 150-200 liters per cubic meter of biocemented elements.

🟢 pH Neutrality: The biocementation process concludes in pH environments between 7-8

Who We Are:


Medusoil Ltd is at the forefront of innovation in sustainable construction materials, particularly through its pioneering work in organic synthesis of mineral and polymeric binders. Our patented technologies integrate organic binding agents into our products, marking a departure from traditional synthetic chemistry and mined binding agents. This shift enhances the environmental footprint of construction projects and supports the industry’s transition towards net-zero goals. Medusoil’s organic binding agents improve material properties and mitigate risks such as settlements, erosion, or liquefaction while offering substantial cost savings by reducing machinery and labor expenses by 20 to 30 percent. Our advancements underscore Medusoil’s commitment to driving sustainable development through innovative mineral additives for the construction sector.



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